Modern Live Clean Household

We have so many dangerous chemicals in our home and it is hard to tell which products produce and threat our health and which are simply natural alternatives!

For example - Air fresheners for one can accumulate in the body over time. Air fresheners are known to contain formaldehyde, a strong substance that irritate the skin, eyes and throat. They contain other dangerous chemicals which may cause the nervous system damage.

Antibacterial Soaps were assumed the “better” way to ward of harmful diseases and bacteria, however the triclosoan and triclorcarbon is actually harmful, it can be linked to creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria and is not biodegradable.

The Modere Healthy Homes initiative is focused on improving the planet, one person at a time, one houshould at a time, and one family at a time.

It confirms Modere’s mission to improve the quality of people’s lives by offering alternative products that minimise their exposure to potentially harmful ingredients!

Modere live clean household


Modern Laundry Powder


Formulated especially formulated for Australian Conditions. Naturally takes care of your clothes and the environment.
Sun Protection agent to reduce fading and keep your clothes looking great for longer.
“Tough on dirt gentle on fabric” formula effectively takes care of your family, our clothes and the environment.
Follow the instructions on the label depending if the machine is a front loading machine or a top loader

“I love this product, I know that I can clean my clothes and protect my family” - Rachel

Modere Fabric Softener


The biodegradable, vegetable-derived cationic softener in Modere’s product give your clothes incredible softness without any animal by-products. This gentle formula avoids harsh chemicals and works in all water temperature.
“I love the fresh smell it leaves my clothes” Rachel

Modere Dishwasher powder


The proprietary blend uses biodegradable ingredients to cut through the toughest possible cleaning challenges your kitchen can dish up – but of course the formula is as gentle on the environment as it is tough on grease and grime. Suitable for all dishwashers.

Modere Dishwash


Our gentle yet powerful Dish Wash formula uses plant-derived surfactants to effortlessly clean while leaving your hands soft and smooth. It suspends grease and oil in the water to leave your sink clean after rinsing.

Add a very small amount to warm to hot water.

FRESHSPACE – Eliminates Odours

FRESHSPACE – Eliminates Odours

Modere’s FreshSpace eliminates odours on fabrics and in the air and leaves a light fragrance. Instead of covering up odours, the formula destroys them.
Formulated without dyes, CFC’s phthalates, acetone and formaldehyde. FreshSpace’s unique formula leave the air with a light scent of water lily.
Modere’s FreshSpace is safer for you and your family. The ingredients safely eliminate odours and replace them with the fresh scent of water lily. Use it around your home to freshen up kitchens, bathrooms and garbage cans or hard surfaces like counter tops, even use it on fabrics like couches, shirts and shoes.

“Makes my house smell amazing” - Rachel



Modere’s Multi-Surface cleaner is formulated with plant –derived surfactants and biodegradable ingredients that effectively remove grease, dirt and grime from just about any household surface. Versatile enough for every room of your home, this all-purpose formula uses baking soda and surfactants to freshen upholstery and clean hard surface to a streak-free shine.

“I used to use regular sprays to clean my kitchen where I prepared food, but I can be reassured now that when my food hits my kitchen benches I am keeping my family safe” - Rachel