Success Stories

Designer weight loss

My name is Sarah Jay,  I did this program at the beginning of 2014 in a last-ditch effort to avoid health complications, because I was chronically obese. I was angry, sad, suffering from inflammation, and with hormone fluctuations that would have me in tears and seeking the comfort of my bed every afternoon. I was not in a good way. I would be driving home from the school drop offs working out what I had to get done before I could go back to bed and hide. Not only was I sad but I was embarrassed. I avoided family get togethers and socializing was just not on my agenda.

My weight started to pile on after major back surgery 6 years ago. Unable to exercise and with no idea how to lose my weight without exercise, a friend introduced me to this program.

WOW is all I can say! In the first 40 days I lost 17kgs. This gave me so much hope and motivation.

I could not believe it. It took me 3 rotations of step 1, 2 and 3 to lose 33kgs. My weight loss journey ended in 2014 in June and I have maintained this loss since. I can get on and off the tractor now and contribute to the work on our farm. I can even and ride my horse which had been something that was sadly missing from my life.

Have I been perfect? NO! Do I know how to fix that? YES!

I stay on the maintenance plan now with occasional days off. and everything is in perspective. If you are contemplating trying this program…. DO IT!

Don’t hesitate

Sarah Jay

Ashley Servent

So happy to have had the lovely Rachel Crawford introduce me to the Ph@tt Program in early 2017. I have completed 2 rounds of the programme since then and am currently on my 3rd round, I have lost over 27kg with her knowledge and encouragement!

Would highly recommend anyone to complete the programme under Rachel’s guidance any day of the week!

She has a wealth of knowledge and is a great mentor and friend!